Vakantiewoning De Krimp

Strand Vuurtoren

The trip to Schiermonnikoog


The ferry to Schiermonnikoog leaves from Lauwersoog, on the border of the provinces of Groningen and Friesland. 

We recommend you in the high season to be present, half an hour before the ferry leaves. Click for the ferry times.

People do not need to make a reservation, only if you decide to take a trailer please contact wagenborg passenger services B.V.  Wagenborg Passenger services B.V.

Lauwersoog is accessible by bus from Groningen and Leeuwarden. 

For a convenient route (by car) via the A7 (Heerenveen-Drachten) to Lauwersoog please click here.

Schiermonnikoog allows few cars. If you come by car to Lauwersoog, you can leave your luggage at the boat unloading and the car park at an additional charge. We advise you to use a credit card for payment, so you don't have to stand in line at the ticket machine. Of course it is also possible to pay by cash, debit card or chip card.

After passage of the tickets control you can put your luggage in a luggage cart.

You can take your bicycles with you on the boat.

The boat to Schiermonnikoog takes 45 minutes.

On Schiermonnikoog you can walk, bicycle, or take the bus or taxi to The Krimp. In high season, there is a bike rental on the Pier.

The bus stops near our holiday house. You do need to take the bus with destination "De Monnik" and get off at the third stop in "De Monnik": "stop East".   

A busretour specific for the Island (valid for the duration of the stay) is available in the bus and costs, depending on the season, 2-3 euro.

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